5F Class of 2012
hey mr .franck its me Amanda, my little sister jillian is in your class this year and my she didn't get a school supply list... just wanted to know if you are giving her it tomorrow or not. thanks Arg :)
My brother says 5th graders changes classes like us. Is it true? RR

MrFranck: Had a GREAT holiday! Very proud of you!!!

why r u leaving me out the ice burg
did you make a new wiki for your new 5th grade class- Double r
Hello Mr.Franck. I miss you so much. I really want to see you again. Next year, my brother Dylan might be in your class.Good luck with the new 5f. From, Double R Plus, what happened to 5f 2012-2013 wiki?
Hey Chooo chooo!!!!! Miss u2. Hope I do get Dylan. ty4 the gl...I'm gonna need it :-) This is the 5f 2012 wiki...what ru talking about?

Hi everyone it's gecko master OR zack and I'm just saying hi all of us Edison middle school kids miss u :(
hey ZackAttack!!!!!! Hi right back 2u...and tell everyone else too. I played some UltimateBall the other day...could've used your defense :-)

Hi, Mr. Franck! This is Feather. Miss you!
MrF: Right back at U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys how are u guys. i miss u guys. well basically mr.franck i know we are not suppose to write on thepage but i dont think u guys go on the other pages so i just wanted hi and i miss u guys. keep up the good work. tori from tori

I miss u guys 2, Tori...from Mr.Franck
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