My Spring BreakFriday:Today I went to the doctor. I have a ruptured eardrum. When I got home I helped my mom cook Passover dinner. Like always, we were having matzah, charoset, kazel, soup, hard boiled eggs, and grape juice. After dinner, my sister and I found our afikomens. They are little pieces of matzah wrapped up and hidden. During the seder we opened the door for Elijah. My dog, Jesse, walked over to the door, looked out, and walked back to the table. Oh, I forgot to tell you that when we were doing the afikomen Jesse was hilarious! He saw Sophie and I looking for our matzah. When my sister found hers in a basket, he stood up and scratched at it. My dad didn't hide one for him, so when my mom walked him, my dad put a treat into a wrapped up piece of matzah and hid it on the coffee table. My mom said, "you're a good Jewish puppy," to him. It was adorable!

Saturday:This morning I helped my dad clean out the storage room in our basement. We found a fossil of a fish! I can't wait to show the class! We also found old pictures, photo albums, and much more. Later my sister and I brought upstairs some toys from our playroom for a couple of days. On Monday and Tuesday we are getting a new kitchen floor. I know we can do this tomorrow, but we couldn't wait!

Sunday:Today my sister and I rode bikes. After we played frisbee with our dad. It was a lot of fun.

Monday:Today we are babysitting my sister's best friend, Chloe, also our neighbor. She was staying with us for the whole day. Later that morning, my mom and I went to the ENT. I was going for my ears. When I got back my best friend,Amy, came over. We played outside the whole time. The kitchen floor looks great so far!

Tuesday:Today the workmen finished our floor. It's amazing!

Wednesday:I'm going to New York City today with my mom, dad, and sister. First we're going to take a taxi to The Empire State Building. We're going to climb all the way to the top! After we're going to take a taxi to Times Square. Then we'll eat dinner at a restaurant. If we have time after dinner we'll walk into some shops. Finally, we're going to Broadway! We're seeing Mary Poppins! It's going to be so much fun! I'll update you on what we're doing in a little while.

Later on...

Okay, we're on our way to Times Square. It turns out we walked the six blocks instead of getting a ride. Anyway, The Empire State Building was totally, awesome! We were so high up! I gotta go. Bye.


Hi! We are done with dinner and shopping. The show starts in a little while. I'll tell you how it went tomorrow first thing.

Thursday:OMG! The show was fantastic! The singing and dancing! OMG! Well, today we're going back to the city. Today we're taking the ferry in. I'm a little scared;I've never been on a boat before. Well, I have, but I got seasick. I was two years old, give me a break! Besides, this time that's not going to happen...I know.

A little while later...

I was right! I knew I was! I didn't get sick on the ferry! I was perfectly fine, and it was actually really fun! Now we're going to take a taxi to Central Park. That's where we're going to go to The Museum of Natural History. I've been there once before, and I really enjoyed it. We didn't see a lot though. This time I want to see everything. I'm determined to.

After the museum...

Almost everything. Close enough. Well, I had a great time. I liked what I saw. I liked the African Mammals section the best. That doesn't mean I didn't like everything else. The Indians were cool. I loved the giant whale in the Ocean Mammals section. Maybe that was my favorite part. I don't know. The point is that I liked it a lot. I hope I go back soon.

Friday:Good morning everybody! Rise and shine! Instead of going to The Central Park Zoo today we're going to do some gardening. The weather is perfect for planting. I can't wait.

Saturday:The gardening went well. We're doing more today. I'm going to Home Depot now with my dad to get some plants. Actually, my mom and sister are joining us. Yesterday we planted a tree. I named it Barney. We planted a few flowers around Barney to keep him company. They're so pretty! Oh, by the way, we got a new TV today. Now we have a flat screen. It's so loud, but it has a great picture. I love it!

Sunday:We just got back from a flower store. I don't know how to spell it. We want our garden to be extra special this year. I love our garden. It's so relaxing.

Monday:I guess this is it. The last few minutes of spring break. I had a great time during these ten days. So nice. Oh yeah, I have some pictures to share with the class. I can't bring them in them in this week though. That's because we're extending our trip to New York into next Saturday since we did gardening. That interfered with Central Park. As soon as I get the pictures I will bring them to 5f. I have some other stuff to share today. See you soon!