Spring PoemsPoem #1After Summer, Fall, Winter there's SpringAnd bells begin to ringThe flowers bloomSo make some roomBe grateful for what Spring has to bring

Poem #2Animals come out of their hidingAnd the children on bikes begin ridingEveryone begins gardeningThe dogs bark, no startlingForest rangers come back and start guiding

Poem #3There once was a season called SpringAfter Winter the flowers it did bringThe trees all began to bloomIt took away the gloomAll the birds came back from South and began to sing

Funny PoemsOnce there was a dogAnd the dog's name was HogHog was fatAs fat as a ratHe loved to sit on a log

His mother always says, "Oh Hog."He is a very mischievous dogHog's secretly a spyHe spies with a flyThey like to watch a small frog

Best FriendA best friendis always there,weather you need adviceor someone to talk to,or even a shoulder to cry on.A best friendlistens with her heartand is always honest with youeven though the truthmay not bewhat you want to hear.A best friendknows all your secrets,understands your fears,and dreams.A best friendnever stops believing in youeven if you give upon yourself.You arethat kind of friendto me.And no matter what happens,you always will be.You are my best friend...my forever friend.