Hey grace is crazy
Julia: Hey Grace! looks like u r haveing a great time!!! hope that contunues! keep the pics movin!

Hey Grace! This page will list the things you have to do for homework each day. You can also write about what you did at The Grand Canyon each day of the week below. Remember, do your homework but most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I know you're leaving for you plane today and just wanted to remind you that this whole trip that you are going on is about having fun! 5-F is going to miss you a lot when
you are gone. You are so lucky to get to go to the Grand Canyon!

Sunday:Hey Grace! Hope you are having a great time at the Grand Canyon.

Hi 5-F! This is what we did Saturday:

I’m writing on the plane waiting to take off. Today I am going to Sedona. We take off at 10:30. My family and I will arrive at 12:30 AZ time, which is 3:30 NJ time. Arizona is 3 hours behind New Jersey. Arizona does not have daylight savings time. The flight will take five hours. When we “fall back” an hour Arizona time does not change so we will be 2 hours ahead Arizona.

We just took off. We are flying on U.S. Air. The pilot announced that it will be 103 degrees in Phoenix.


We just landed in Phoenix, which is the capital of Arizona. We are in the car on the way to Sedona. We just stopped for some lunch. The restaurant was called Rock Spring Café. The food was ok, but their pie was delicious. My family and I got an apple crumb pie with ice cream. Sedona is called Red Rocks. The mountains are red because millions of years ago when the rocks were forming the sandstone got filled with water and iron which made the rocks red. Later we saw the sunset. It was so beautiful.
This mountain is called the Capitol Butte


This is what we did Sunday:
Today we saw the sunrise and hiked a little. Later we went on a jeep ride in the dessert. My brother and I sat all the way in the back and it was so bumpy. We went on hills that were so, so, so steep. I felt like I was going fall out the jeep. After that we went to a ghost town and it was disappointing. It was basically a junkyard. We were all so tired. Tonight I’m going stargazing and tomorrow I will post pictures tell you what I saw.IMG_1784a.jpg

Hey Grace! Looks like you're having a great time on your trip. I don't know if you have all of your workbooks from school, but here is what you have to do for Monday's homework:

1)Read Shiloh Season chapter 1 and take notes
2)Reading skills worksheet

3)write about your weekend on the wiki page "weekend"

4)STUDY word list 3 for the spelling test on the wiki page "spelling"

5)math worksheet
6)study multiplication tables

7)study for our test Wednesday on our wiki page "Artifacts"

Hi Mr. Franck! What page on math worksheet? I brought both books.
Is the reading skills worksheet posted?

Hi guys this is what I did Monday:

Today I went to the Grand Canyon. It was a two and a half hour car ride from Sedona. When we arrived I was amazed at how big it was. There was a Junior Ranger booklet and you would get a badge when you complete it. First we looked at the canyon, it was a bunch of canyons in one. We walked the rim of the canyon and took a break for lunch. The food was good. Then we went to a condor talk. After the talk my brother and I got our ranger badges for completing the booklet. Then we got ice cream and took the shuttle to the parking lot. It was my dad’s birthday. We spent the night Winslow, AZ and tomorrow we see Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. I will post pics when I get back to Sedona.

I'm missing a bunch of posts since Tuesday. Did anyone see them?

No Grace, nobody has seen any of your posts. It's a mystery! So exciting! I am disapointed though because I love seeing posts of yoyu and your family. What type of computer do you have because Mr.Franck did say that some computers, for example the Apple, don't work very well any more so they might not show everything that you try to post. I hope you are having a great time at the Grand Canyon! You have been away for a week now, so when are you coming back to school?