omg, i was actually really upset that school ended! i made soooo many new friends and half of them are going to liberty, as i am going to roosevelt!

hi mr franck! its hannah here and i am going to bus stop soon. so i had the njask last week. not fun. and my sister has a concussion and a contusion. so ive been watching her a lot. my grandparents are here from florida to watch my sister since she can only go half days to school. and they are really annoying in so many ways that i cant even explain. anyways, hows four square? i havent been playing it at recess though because theyve ive been helping them practice for the talent show even though im not doing it. they are actually not bad at the song theyre doing. and they keep kicking eachother out of the group and they keep getting me involved in their confusing arguments. so i have to stay by them so they dont kill eachother. gtg to school now so bye!

Mr franck!,

Okay so i have been reading this book ,"City of Ashes" and i started crying in math class because of it. And at lunch. Maybe a little when i was taking the NJ ASK. I am a total bookworm. me and EMILY r on the same bus. the new driver took a wrong turn into St.Cloud. U were outside holding 2 bouncy balls. Red and Green. I THINK. Not sure. Me and emily started to freak out and scream.

HEYYY EVERYONE!!! I AM IN EDSION NOW AND I MISS YOU MR.FRANK SOOO MUCH!!!! the other day my lnguage arts techer Mr.Delpome said somthing that you used to say (but i forgot it at this second) and o started crying and everyone looked at me and i said i miss 4-square.. only emily and isabella ompok and ryan know because their in my class....... I MISS U MR.FRANK I WANT TO SEE U SOMTIME...

-(havent heard this in a while..)


MrFranck: I miss u2, my holy one, my Saint...hi 2 Emily and Isabella...and hi 2 your family!

Winter Time-Hi to me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg u REPLYED!!!!!! haahahhahahhahahahaha im acting like ur a celebrity.... how did u do in the 4-square championships???/??/-julia
I always win...of course - MrF

haha i bet you did! My mom said happy new Year!! AND SORRY RYAN!! -Saint

Hi Mr. Franck! This is Isabella! Hey Isabella...How's sis? -MrF

Hi this is RR and 2 things.
1 Julia,u forgot my name in that and,
2 who is ice burg?

LOL zack when i see u in the hallway i go ewww zack hahaha-julia
zack was here
MrF Hey Zack...miss your attack :)

ice burg: hi guys i havent seen a lot of u. Mr. franck edisons four square isnt the same as urs

Who's iceberg?

HEY everyone! just wanted to say that i miss all of you since i don't see you guys often so yea... ARG IS BACK BABY OH YEA! WAHOO! Mr.Franck i have a funny story for you. So in art, i'm too short to reach the paints on the very top shelves so i climb up on some stools and stay by the counter top. my friends ask me for paint and i give to them of course but now my new nick name from them is the "Paint Wizard!" Nyah (bff since i was 4) says when ever i get back up there to get paint "the paint wizard strikes again!" But i made this really nice paint that looks like pink metal! I know what your thinking..."PINK?!" Also my writing got so much better! I wrote a newspaper with 9 articles and my teacher gave it 100%! Thank's you really helped me alot with everything!

MrFranck: LOL...TY4 sharing and really proud of you!!!

Hannah: Hi Mr.Franck! This is funny, but I sorta forgot the user name and password..........Zack had to remind me on the bus. LOL. I got honor roll BOTH marking periods. :) I still see a lot of last year's class because they are also on the yellow team. 4 square at Edison is HORRIBLE!!!!! Ryan plays everyday, but I can't get used to it. At my bday party in the summer we played 2 square with a pool noodle and a beach ball! Emily and I went against eachother and it was fun! I accidently pushed her in the pool a few times and hit Isabella on the head! Just so u know, I'm typing this! I aced keyboarding! I bet Spaz got crazier! LOL! Is it true that classes change???

Hannah:Hi!!!! I finished the Harry Potter series. The 7th was great! Isabella and I are both reading The Clique series by Lisi Harrison. She recommended it to me in social studies. We are both on the yellow team and have sc and ss together. We also have them w julia. I got the mean la teacher, but ryan,julia,emily,and isabella ALL got mr.delpome! im stuck w mrs.bryant with audrey and tori.

MrFranck: Ohh, go get a box of tissues :) You will be fine. Read The Girl Who Could Fly...really cool. I am also reading the Warriors series...I am very impressed with it!

ok. i will tell bella.-hannah.oh, and i do not need a box of tissues!

Hi!!!!!!!!mrfranck. How's 4square

Hi Mr. Franck! My sis is great! I made the Principal's List for both marking periods. My sis got onto Principal's List for first marking period and then the Honor Roll for second marking period. - Feather

Hi Mr.Franck!I got honor roll both marking periods. I got A's in everything except for a B in math, so that's why i didn't get principals list. Have you ever read The Keeper of the Doves? I read it a few weeks ago. It's good. I'm also reading the clique series by, Lisi Harrison. I like it a lot:) I'm very busy during the week now because I do a lot of out of school activities. I'm even helping at a preschool over the summer:)
~Winter Time ✡✡✡✡✡✡
we had a pie the teacher on the head raffle for pi week and i won! I got to pi one of the math teachers, Ms.Firende! LOL
This is a video of my math teacher, Mr.Mains, and another math teacher, Mr.Alfano, doing a rap about how to multiply and divide factions, It's SUPER funny and a lot of the teachers dancing in the backround are ones that I have. LOL. Enjoy! :) <3
~Winter Time